Get more out of your space.

Product presentation is everything nowadays. Not only is it important to show the products on the right way, simplicity is crucial as well. Current shop systems seem not effective and that is why CST invented this new tire rack. The result speaks for itself.

The benefits of the new shop system:

1. Ease of use: The tires could be handed out the tire rack directly. No need to pull other tires out first.
2. Stock Management: The dividers in the tire rack made it possible to see in a blink of an eye which products should be ordered.
3. Selfservice: The shopsystem has a display which helps customers to get the right tire on their own . The customer can help itself by the step by step formula added to this tire rack.
4. Unique and Innovative: You do not pick a standard option when you choose for the shop system of CST. The way of placing tires in this rack is totally innovative and never seen. We also added a nice light display, which makes this tire rack stand out even more.

While this tire rack works with dividers for each kind of tire, we can provide these racks according to your wishes!


Composing this shop system is a time-consuming and complex activity. That is why we are willing to help. We could compose a special assortment for every dealer. As CST delivers all around the world, we are well aware that there are many differences between dealers.

Interested in the CST Shop System?

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