Nowadays it is not necessary any more to catch a flat tire with all the various anti-puncture techniques from CST. For every need there is a solution in anti-puncture protection. From the ideal anti-puncture protection for city bikes up to our superior double layer protection system. Click on the play movie button above to see the whole anti-punture movie and click below to see the different anti-puncture levels separately.

Level 1: APL Technology

APL anti-puncture features a respectable 0.7mm layer of rubber between the tread and the casing. This additional rubber layer assists in preventing penetration of the tire.

Level 2: 60TPI

The more threads per inch (TPI) a carcass has, the fi rmer and more puncture proof a tire will be. A normal carcass has 22 to 32 threads per inch. In our Anti-puncture Level 2 that’s upgraded to 60 tpi.

Level 3: Kevlar Inside

Kevlar® Inside incorporates Kevlar® fi bers into a 1.5mm layer of natural rubber between the tread and the casing. These fi bers resist cuts and tears from road debris, while the extra rubber keeps sharp objects from traveling through to penetrate the tire.

Level 4: EPS Sport

Even in sports tires require protection. For these tires we optimized our EPS layer in to an even thinner layer. This keeps the tire lightweight and as a riders you won’t notice the diff erence.

Level 5: LDP Technology

LDP consists of an extra-thick 3mm layer of rubber between the tread and the casing. Since the rubber has a strong rebound characteristic, debris is more likely to exit the tire than continue through and cause damage.

Level 6: Double Breaker Technology

Two layers for twice the protection. Twofold anti-puncture, for twice as much protection. The thinly woven EPS layer is suported by a 1 mm rubber layer.

Level 7: EPS + LDP

It goes further than you ever thought possible. We combine the anti-puncture layers of Level 5 and in doing so create the best possible puncture protection available in the world of tires. The thinly woven EPS layer is applied under a 3 mm LDP layer. This in itself is fantastic puncture protection technology. Just think about what this can offer when combined.