award winning studded tires

Award winning studded tires

We are proud to mention that two of our studded tires received the award of ‘best value for money’ in German magazine Aktiv Radfahren. The outcomes of the test showed that our tires roll well, have great performance on ice and snow and our anti-puncture technique meets the demand of the user. The Studmuffin C1914 is available in 37-622 and the Toboggan in 100-559.

In the test that was held late 2021 many tires were tested. Even tires that have a retail price that was about 3 times the retail price of the Toboggan and Studmuffin. Our tires excelled with sidewall protection and also the anti-puncture layer above the carcass was outstanding. Other characteristics that were examined were rolling resistance, traction, assembly of the tire and of course the price/quality combination. All aspects of our tires were received positively and we are delighted with these outcomes.

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