BiteMX CM733 CM734

BiteMX CM733 - CM734

When the gate drops and you’re aiming for the holeshot you need tires that give you the edge over your opponents. The new CST CM733 and CM734 tires deliver performance, durability, safety and comfort – all at an affordable cost.

• Tread blocks in central area help release mud for better cornering traction 

• Tread blocks extending from the center to the shoulder provide supreme cornering stability

• Sipes in the tire blocks supply excellent grip and traction on soft terrain

• Multiple side-by-side rows of tread blocks provide high levels of lateral traction

• Large shoulder tread blocks offer exceptional cornering stability

• Siped knobs provide superior grip and traction on soft terrain

€ 21,95

RRP incl. VAT


Tire Size Rim Size LSR TT/TL Diamater Section Width
F 80/100-21 1.85 x 21 51M TT 706/27.8 92/3.6
R 100/90-18 2.50 x 18 56M TT 650/25.6 118/4.6
R 110/90-18 2.50 x 18 61M TT 668/26.3 129/5.1
R 100/90-19 2.50 x 19 57M TT 687/27.0 120/4.7
R 110/90-19 2.50 x 19 62M TT 691/27.3 129/5.08

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