Cooperation as of 2023: CST and OFFROAD ACADEMIE

From 2023, the OFFROAD AKADEMIE will rely on tires from CST, an independent brand of the Cheng Shin Tire & Rubber Group, which, in addition to 4×4 tires, also manufactures products for cars, light trucks, SUVs and ATVs/quads.

Proper off-road driving needs to be learned. Thomas Classen from Neuss makes it possible with his OFFROAD AKADEMIE. His team consists of experienced driving trainers who impart the necessary know-how and the fun of driving off the beaten track. In addition to travel and training, the OFFROAD AKADEMIE also trains 4×4 trainers. When choosing the appropriate tires, Classen will in future rely on the CST brand and the Landdragon CL-18.

CST Landdragon CL-18

The shovel-like arrangement of the tread blocks and the flexible, diagonal tire structure make the Landdragon CL-18 a tire for extreme use on changing surfaces. The Landdragon is the specialist for 4×4 vehicles in the all-terrain area.

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