pulse ht

Pulse HT

CS09 / CS10

With a proprietary soft rear tread developed, the Pulse HT is podium-proven! The Pulse HT is designed to let you hook up in a diverse mix of terrains. From roots to rocks, this tire has got you covered!


Tire Size Rim Size (in) Ply Rating TT/TL Overall Diameter (mm/in) Section Width (mm/in) Tire Pressure (kPa/psi) Max Load (kg/lbs) Tread Depth (mm/in)
F AT21X7-10 10 x 5.5 6 TL 540/ 21.3 174/6.9 45/7 106/235 15.0 /0.59
R AT20X11-9 9 x 9.0 6 TL 508/20.0 281/11.1 45/7 155/340 12.0 /0.47


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