pulse mx

Pulse MX

CS07 / CS08

Grab the holeshot and stay out front with the Pulse MX from CST. This sport ATV tire features an aggressive tread designed for everything from loose loam to hardpack. Front tires feature a fast-rolling center tread for superb straight-line stability, complemented by angled shoulder knobs for extra cornering grip. The rear tire delivers predictable sliding and braking control.


Tire Size Rim Size (in) Ply Rating TT/TL Overall Diameter (mm/in) Section Width (mm/in) Tire Pressure (kPa/psi) Max Load (kg/lbs) Tread Depth (mm/in)
F AT20X6-10 10 x 5.0 4 TL 503/ 19.8 154/6.1 35/5 73/161 12.0 /0.47
R AT18X10-8 8 x 8.0 4 TL 452 / 17.8 254/10.0 35/5 103/225 12.0 /0.47


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