Surge P C7220


The Surge P is a modified rear motocross tire that is best utilised with other front Surge tires. The special compound applied to the tire was developed for longer tire life in tougher conditions. The Surge P features a reduced weight and eight sand-slinging, cupped paddles with a round profile which helps the tire float through sand with ease. The tire paddles have optimal depth for the utmost traction in the dunes.


Tire Size Rim Size LSR TT/TL Diamater Section Width
R 110/100-18 2.50 x 18 64M TT 711/28.0 120/4.7
R 100/90-19 2.50 x 19 57M TT 691/27.2 105/4.1
R 110/90-19 2.50 x 19 62M TT 723/28.5 116/4.6

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